Limpieza de extracciones de humo

The gradual accumulation of grease and carbon, without proper cleaning of extractor fan and duct, is the ideal fuel for the unpleasant result of a fire. To avoid fires, it is necessary to carry out a preventive maintenance and periodic cleaning.

Depending on a smaller or greater functioning of a kitchen, it will dirty exponentially and will need a greater frequency of cleaning and degreasing.

We are formed by a team of highly qualified professionals and we are in continuous progress to know the latest developments emerging in the sector. Our team will advise you at all times, indicating which is the budget and solution that best fits your establishment.


· Avoid fires
· We have two ISO certifications.
· Our products are respectful with the environment
· Our staff is in continuous training
· We offer one year guarantee
· Certificates and photos at the end of the work


Vilo Mediterráneo declares to be insured with AXA Seguros with an RC policy valued at 1,200,000 euros for all types of damages caused to people, movable and property that may occur during the provision of the services listed in Article I of this budget and agrees to justify at all times the existence of your insurance policy and the validity thereof

Limpieza Sistema Aire Acondicionado Vilo Mediterráneo

For the cleaning and sanitizing of air conditioning ducts. Vilo uses the most advanced technology, we guarantee the customer a healthy ambience by eliminating microbacterial agents that are propagated through the cooling ducts.

Due to the time we spend in closed buildings, bad hygiene of these ducts can cause fungi to appear in the atmosphere, spores of mold, etc. which become one of the main reasons for different types of allergies and can also be a reason for asthma.

It is essential to maintain the air circuits conditioned with the highest hygiene level, since dirt promotes the growth of aerobic micro-organisms and fungi. This is the cause of more than 37% of sick leave and diseases caused by the so-called Ill Building (allergies, headaches, eye and ear irritations, respiratory problems, pneumonia, etc).


On the other hand, cleaning and sanitizing of the air conditioning systems generates significant energy savings as dirt from the batteries reduces their thermal permutation capacity. A layer of 0.3 mm of dirt increases the energy consumption of the system by 25%. The cleaning of the air conditioning units and terminal units, conduits and boxes, increases the air flow reducing consumption.


· Avoid diseases and allergies.
· Avoid bad odors
· Prolongs life and increases equipment performance
· Increase security
· Guarantee certificate
· We document the work with images


Vilo Mediterráneo offers you the possibility of keeping your facilities up-to-date on cleaning and hygiene, recommending the complete cleaning of your kitchen facilities on a regular basis. We have an innovative and effective specific system for cleaning and sterilizing kitchens for an integral and experienced treatment of this type of facility.

Benefits of the cleaning certificate for industrial kitchens:

· Guarantee and trust for users
· Safety and health in kitchens
· Validity for inspection
· Elimination of odor problems
· Conservation of your facilities
· Better gas combustion
· Energy savings
· Staff more satisfied

Optimal cleaning

We have the latest technology and specific machinery equipped with pneumatic brushes and active foam to remove all dirt and embedded fat that can be hidden in any part of your kitchen.

In addition, the specialists of our company also carry out a manual cleaning to reach any corner. Only then can we ensure a comprehensive cleaning.

Contact us, our sales team will make a visit without compromise and evaluate the state of your kitchen to make the proposal that best suits your needs.

We can give you a periodic service of integral cleaning or punctual and concrete cleanings, for example, for the reopening of your kitchen before each season.

The soot are carbonic particles detached from the combustion of wood, coal or fuel. Contains carbon with other components such as oxides, sulfuric acid, fuel products…

One of the main causes of fire in houses with chimneys, are the dirt accumulated by chimneys and boilers, besides, the soot decreases the performance of the equipment, significantly increasing consumption and pollution.

The Regulation of Technical Facilities in Buildings recommends the cleaning of flues and smokestacks once a season. This is a task for the safety of the personnel, family in case of a home and clients and employees in a business.

Chimney an sweeping cleaning

In the chimney or “pipa”, soot accumulates in the form of small black balls.

These, over time, threaten to obstruct the escape route of toxic substances emitted by the combustion of firewood. Conviene eliminar la suciedad, al menos, una vez al año para evitar posibles incendios e intoxicaciones.

The performance of a chimney is lower. It is estimated that in a boiler with dregs, every millimeter of accumulated dirt causes a loss of 7% in the calorific potential of the device. When the cleaning of a chimney is neglected, the accumulation of deposits of soot, resins or tar is favored, which easily ignite and cause fires.

Chemical Cleaning of Boilers

Vilo offers a boiler cleaning service, both pre-operational and periodic in all types of equipment: radiation boilers, such as those used in biomass plants or coal plants, recovery boilers, such as those used in cogeneration or combined cycle power plants, and steam generators by thermal exchange, such as those used in solar thermal power plants.

Chemical cleanings eliminate accumulated waste during the construction or operation of various plants such as; oxides, incrustation, dust, among others. They also form a protective film on the pickled surface.


During the drying process of the clothes that arrive daily to the industrial laundries and especially in the systems of extraction of the dryers, fabrics and dust of cottons, nylon, scratches, etc. are coming off.

These are deposited throughout the circuit, accumulating large amounts of fluff, which can clog the ducts and reduce the section.

This accumulated erasure has several immediate consequences:

1) Imminent danger of fire. Lack of industrial safety.
2) Poor extraction in the local. Poor ambient quality.
3) Heating of the ambient. Poor thermal comfort by users.
4) Reduction in the conduit section. Forcing of the motors and machine in general and shortening of its useful life, in addition to an unnecessary increase in consumption.

Advantages of the system

· Better indoor air quality
· Improve the work ambient
· Avoid diseases and allergies
· Higher performance of your equipment
· Avoid expensive breakdowns
· Important energy saving
· Increase security
· We document the work with images


· Vilo Mediterráneo, at the end of the cleaning will deliver a certificate with 12 months warranty, likewise, images before and after will be attached.
· Treatment of laundry evacuation ducts.
· Cleaning the ducts by automated robot with air pressure.
· Inspection by cameras installed in the robot.
· the ducts are aspirated with triple filtered equipment.
· Highly qualified staff and equipment.


Mesh Filters

Filters specially indicated for the retention of oily particles (particles that contain oil and fats). Built with a “U” frame, two external grids and indoor netting, zig zag high level of retention. The all-metal construction and the configuration of the meshes makes it suitable as a grease filter in industrial hoods, anti-sparking and previous for installations of oil mists.

VILO supplies these filters in different types of steel (galvanized or stainless AISI304, AISI304 etc.) and different sizes and models according to need.

Baffle filters

Filters especially indicated for the retention of wet particles such as grease (industrial cooker hoods), soot, etc.

Built with aerodynamic curves that perform the function of accelerating the air and make the grease particles collide against these, decanting into the drains prepared in the frame.

Filtering efficiency: This is given by the amount of fat that holds against the total you receive.

Initial load loss: This is given by the change in pressure produced by its placement in the industrial kitchen hood.

Final load loss: It is given by the pressure change, once the filters are dirty.

Max. temperature of work: It is the maximum temperature at which the filter can work.

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The special conditions of these places with high humidity, high temperatures and many people make them a focus of bacteria and possible infections.

Our objective is to eradicate bad odors, eliminate possible graffitis and complete the total disinfection in ceilings, unpainted walls and other difficult access sites.

Subsequently, we certify the work by analyzing samples in a specialized laboratory.


· Guarantee and trust for users
· Safety and health in installations
· Validity for inspection
· Odor problems elimination
· Conservation of your installations
· Energy savings
· Staff more satisfied

limpieza de cámaras frigoríficas

Vilo Mediterráneo, offers you the possibility of keeping your frigorific chambers facilities up to date on hygiene and cleanliness, recomendando la limpieza integral de sus instalaciones de forma periódica. Disponemos de un innovador y eficaz sistema específico de limpieza y esterilización de cámaras frigoríficas para un tratamiento integral y experimentado de este tipo de instalaciones.

Benefits of the frigorific chambers cleaning certificate:

· Guarantee and trust for users
· Safety and health in the chambers
· Validity for inspection
· Odor problems elimination
· Conservation of your installations
· Energy savings
· Staff more satisfied

Optimal cleaning

We have the latest technology and specific machinery equipped with pneumatic brushes and active foam to eliminate all dirt and embedded fat that can be hidden in any part of your kitchen.

In addition, specialists can also carry out a manual cleaning to reach anywhere. Only then can we guarantee a comprehensive cleaning.

Contact us, Our commercial team will make a visit without commitment and will evaluate the status of your facilities to make the proposal that best suits your needs.

We can give you a periodic integral cleaning service or specific and specific cleanings.


Sterilization and disinfection process for all types of mattresses, which consists of a natural procedure, with semi-dry treatment to eliminate stains and effectively destroy dust mites, spores, fungi, bacteria and other harmful elements that can lodge in mattresses, as well as the appropriate chemicals for each type of material.

The tissues are cleaned by the injection – extraction system, the equipment emits a vapor that gives off the dirt of the fabrics. At the same time, another mechanism absorbs this dirt and transports it to a deposit tank. Drying is by a powerful hot air canon. The result is a thorough cleaning.


· Periodic cleaning carried out with state-of-the-art equipment, recovers the original quality of the materials.

· Vilo is extremely effective in cleaning pillows and mattresses against stains and odors very common as sweat, urine or blood.

· All the products we use are special for cleaning.

· A technical cleaning guarantees longer duration for these items and ensures a healthy ambience for people.

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