Bio Decanter


The BIO-DECANTER grease separators are designed for installation in the kitchens of bars and restaurants, giving the solution to the space problems that these facilities usually have.

BIO-DECANTER is a compact and small size equipment suitable for installation under the sink.

Grease separators are pre-treatment equipment for gray water from industrial kitchens.

Its function is to retain vegetable or animal fats, solid elements, soaps and other elements contained in the waste water of kitchen sinks before being discharged to the subsequent purification equipment or to the sewerage network. The use of grease separators is required to treat the water coming from the kitchens of bars, restaurants, hotels, campsites, etc.

All our BIO-DECANTER, come with sampling.

BIO-DECANTER manufactured in stainless steel and specially designed for installation in kitchens of bars and restaurants. Its small dimensions and its design facilitate cleaning and maintenance work thanks to the solid waste collection basket and the drain that the separators have built-in.

BIO-DECANTER provides control sheets to keep track of grease collection.

Vilo, commercializes the BIO-DECANTER with two modalities; 1 sale of the equipment with maintenance and collection of grease and solid elements and environmental management or only sale. 2 rentals, maintenance, collection of grease and solid elements and environmental management, of such waste, choose the one that best suits your business.

Our BIO-DECANTER take advantage of the principle of gravity combined with time and design, for the retention of fat.

Standards and dimensions according to UNE EN-1825 standards, to facilitate the flotation of fats on the surface of the separator and its subsequent elimination.

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