Chimney and sweeping cleaning

The soot are carbonic particles detached from the combustion of wood, coal or fuel. Contains carbon with other components such as oxides, sulfuric acid, fuel products…

One of the main causes of fire in houses with chimneys, are the dirt accumulated by chimneys and boilers, besides, the soot decreases the performance of the equipment, significantly increasing consumption and pollution.

The Regulation of Technical Facilities in Buildings recommends the cleaning of flues and smokestacks once a season. This is a task for the safety of the personnel, family in case of a home and clients and employees in a business.

Chimney an sweeping cleaning

In the chimney or “pipa”, soot accumulates in the form of small black balls.

These, over time, threaten to obstruct the escape route of toxic substances emitted by the combustion of firewood. Conviene eliminar la suciedad, al menos, una vez al año para evitar posibles incendios e intoxicaciones.

The performance of a chimney is lower. It is estimated that in a boiler with dregs, every millimeter of accumulated dirt causes a loss of 7% in the calorific potential of the device. When the cleaning of a chimney is neglected, the accumulation of deposits of soot, resins or tar is favored, which easily ignite and cause fires.

Chemical Cleaning of Boilers

Vilo offers a boiler cleaning service, both pre-operational and periodic in all types of equipment: radiation boilers, such as those used in biomass plants or coal plants, recovery boilers, such as those used in cogeneration or combined cycle power plants, and steam generators by thermal exchange, such as those used in solar thermal power plants.

Chemical cleanings eliminate accumulated waste during the construction or operation of various plants such as; oxides, incrustation, dust, among others. They also form a protective film on the pickled surface.

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