Cleaning and sanitizing of air conditioning systems

Limpieza Sistema Aire Acondicionado Vilo Mediterráneo

For the cleaning and sanitizing of air conditioning ducts. Vilo uses the most advanced technology, we guarantee the customer a healthy ambience by eliminating microbacterial agents that are propagated through the cooling ducts.

Due to the time we spend in closed buildings, bad hygiene of these ducts can cause fungi to appear in the atmosphere, spores of mold, etc. which become one of the main reasons for different types of allergies and can also be a reason for asthma.

It is essential to maintain the air circuits conditioned with the highest hygiene level, since dirt promotes the growth of aerobic micro-organisms and fungi. This is the cause of more than 37% of sick leave and diseases caused by the so-called Ill Building (allergies, headaches, eye and ear irritations, respiratory problems, pneumonia, etc).


On the other hand, cleaning and sanitizing of the air conditioning systems generates significant energy savings as dirt from the batteries reduces their thermal permutation capacity. A layer of 0.3 mm of dirt increases the energy consumption of the system by 25%. The cleaning of the air conditioning units and terminal units, conduits and boxes, increases the air flow reducing consumption.


· Avoid diseases and allergies.
· Avoid bad odors
· Prolongs life and increases equipment performance
· Increase security
· Guarantee certificate
· We document the work with images

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