Mattresses and hammocks cleaning


Sterilization and disinfection process for all types of mattresses, which consists of a natural procedure, with semi-dry treatment to eliminate stains and effectively destroy dust mites, spores, fungi, bacteria and other harmful elements that can lodge in mattresses, as well as the appropriate chemicals for each type of material.

The tissues are cleaned by the injection – extraction system, the equipment emits a vapor that gives off the dirt of the fabrics. At the same time, another mechanism absorbs this dirt and transports it to a deposit tank. Drying is by a powerful hot air canon. The result is a thorough cleaning.


· Periodic cleaning carried out with state-of-the-art equipment, recovers the original quality of the materials.

· Vilo is extremely effective in cleaning pillows and mattresses against stains and odors very common as sweat, urine or blood.

· All the products we use are special for cleaning.

· A technical cleaning guarantees longer duration for these items and ensures a healthy ambience for people.

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