Industrial kitchens cleaning service


Vilo Mediterráneo offers you the possibility of keeping your facilities up-to-date on cleaning and hygiene, recommending the complete cleaning of your kitchen facilities on a regular basis. We have an innovative and effective specific system for cleaning and sterilizing kitchens for an integral and experienced treatment of this type of facility.

Benefits of the cleaning certificate for industrial kitchens:

· Guarantee and trust for users
· Safety and health in kitchens
· Validity for inspection
· Elimination of odor problems
· Conservation of your facilities
· Better gas combustion
· Energy savings
· Staff more satisfied

Optimal cleaning

We have the latest technology and specific machinery equipped with pneumatic brushes and active foam to remove all dirt and embedded fat that can be hidden in any part of your kitchen.

In addition, the specialists of our company also carry out a manual cleaning to reach any corner. Only then can we ensure a comprehensive cleaning.

Contact us, our sales team will make a visit without compromise and evaluate the state of your kitchen to make the proposal that best suits your needs.

We can give you a periodic service of integral cleaning or punctual and concrete cleanings, for example, for the reopening of your kitchen before each season.

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