We offer you the possibility of maintaining your kitchen facilities up to date in terms of cleaning, safety and hygiene, periodically.
Periodic cleaning carried out with latest generation equipment recovers and conserves the original quality of the materials.
The Environmental Health and Safety regulation in buildings, recommends the cleaning of commercial kitchen extraction systems and chimney ducts once a year.

About VILO

We offer professional cleaning services and distribute  cleaning machinery for industrial kitchens throughout the national territory since 2006. We are committed  to our customers and we certify it through the ISO 9001: 2008 certification and the ISO 14001: 2015 certification.


VILO Mediterráneo

Professional technical cleaning

We are specialists in offering cleaning solutions in all sectors and environments.

Auxiliary Machinery for Hospitality sector

We offer you the possibility to reduce cost, time and help to preserve the environment with our specialized machinery for hospitality sector.

Ecological Cleaning

Get rid off virus, bacteria, parasites, molds, spores and other pollutants with our Ozone (O3) technology.

Commitment with
our customers

VILO Mediterráneo
VILO Mediterráneo

Our priority is the safety of both our employees and the potential employees and facilities of our customers. Security is the basis and the starting point of all services provided by VILOMEDITERRANEO.

VILO Mediterráneo
VILO Mediterráneo

Client’s Facilities
We work with efficiency and care, leaving our clients facilities in perfect condition

VILO Mediterráneo
VILO Mediterráneo

Service Contracted
At the end of our work, we ensure the full satisfaction of our clients with the work contracted.

VILO Mediterráneo
VILO Mediterráneo

We try to prevent all types of environmental aggression, especially pollution, depletion of natural resources and minimization of waste generation.


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