Laundry ducts cleaning


During the drying process of the clothes that arrive daily to the industrial laundries and especially in the systems of extraction of the dryers, fabrics and dust of cottons, nylon, scratches, etc. are coming off.

These are deposited throughout the circuit, accumulating large amounts of fluff, which can clog the ducts and reduce the section.

This accumulated erasure has several immediate consequences:

1) Imminent danger of fire. Lack of industrial safety.
2) Poor extraction in the local. Poor ambient quality.
3) Heating of the ambient. Poor thermal comfort by users.
4) Reduction in the conduit section. Forcing of the motors and machine in general and shortening of its useful life, in addition to an unnecessary increase in consumption.

Advantages of the system

· Better indoor air quality
· Improve the work ambient
· Avoid diseases and allergies
· Higher performance of your equipment
· Avoid expensive breakdowns
· Important energy saving
· Increase security
· We document the work with images


· Vilo Mediterráneo, at the end of the cleaning will deliver a certificate with 12 months warranty, likewise, images before and after will be attached.
· Treatment of laundry evacuation ducts.
· Cleaning the ducts by automated robot with air pressure.
· Inspection by cameras installed in the robot.
· the ducts are aspirated with triple filtered equipment.
· Highly qualified staff and equipment.

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