Baffle and mesh filter cleaning


Mesh Filters

Filters specially indicated for the retention of oily particles (particles that contain oil and fats). Built with a “U” frame, two external grids and indoor netting, zig zag high level of retention. The all-metal construction and the configuration of the meshes makes it suitable as a grease filter in industrial hoods, anti-sparking and previous for installations of oil mists.

VILO supplies these filters in different types of steel (galvanized or stainless AISI304, AISI304 etc.) and different sizes and models according to need.

Baffle filters

Filters especially indicated for the retention of wet particles such as grease (industrial cooker hoods), soot, etc.

Built with aerodynamic curves that perform the function of accelerating the air and make the grease particles collide against these, decanting into the drains prepared in the frame.

Filtering efficiency: This is given by the amount of fat that holds against the total you receive.

Initial load loss: This is given by the change in pressure produced by its placement in the industrial kitchen hood.

Final load loss: It is given by the pressure change, once the filters are dirty.

Max. temperature of work: It is the maximum temperature at which the filter can work.

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