Extractor fan and duct cleaning

Limpieza de extracciones de humo

The gradual accumulation of grease and carbon, without proper cleaning of extractor fan and duct, is the ideal fuel for the unpleasant result of a fire. To avoid fires, it is necessary to carry out a preventive maintenance and periodic cleaning.

Depending on a smaller or greater functioning of a kitchen, it will dirty exponentially and will need a greater frequency of cleaning and degreasing.

We are formed by a team of highly qualified professionals and we are in continuous progress to know the latest developments emerging in the sector. Our team will advise you at all times, indicating which is the budget and solution that best fits your establishment.


· Avoid fires
· We have two ISO certifications.
· Our products are respectful with the environment
· Our staff is in continuous training
· We offer one year guarantee
· Certificates and photos at the end of the work


Vilo Mediterráneo declares to be insured with AXA Seguros with an RC policy valued at 1,200,000 euros for all types of damages caused to people, movable and property that may occur during the provision of the services listed in Article I of this budget and agrees to justify at all times the existence of your insurance policy and the validity thereof

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