Vilo Polisher

Abrillantadora de cubiertos

Vilo Polisher presents its automatic model of dryer and cutlery polisher that dries, polishes and removes lime residues from cutlery after washing.

The cutlery should be introduced grouped, continuously, through the upper opening immediately after leaving the dishwasher. Once inside the machine, the cutlery come in contact with a vegetable granulate and begin to make a circuit accompanied by a constant vibration. They go through a germicidal lamp of ultraviolet rays that make the granules and cutlery are continuously sterilized.

It incorporates a hot air turbine that finishes the drying and to avoid the exit to the outside of any rest; This turbine maintains the temperature of the granulate and keeps it always dry.

It has a folding tray that collects cutlery and facilitates the normal operation of the machine.

Maximum hygiene, speed and safety when drying your cutlery. Quality and constant brightness in your cutlery. 3,000 or 7,000 covered per hour with total efficiency.


· The machine is made of stainless steel.
· Economy: savings in personnel costs and rapid return on investment.
· Speed: 10.000 pieces/hour
· The germicidal UV lamp sterilizes the polishing granulate.


Technical Data
Production  10.000 Silverware/hour
Consumpion 750 W
Lamp UV  integrated as standard
Ventilator  integrated as standard
Voltage 230 - 110v /50-60 Hz.Monophase
Net Weight 75 Kg
Dimensions 57 L x 55 An x 40 Al cm
Optional Trolley wheel
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