Vilo Glass Shiner

Vilo Glass Shiner

Tumble dryer and polisher built in stainless steel. Once the washing is done, the cups are placed on the synthetic cotton bristles that dry and polish at the same time.

In this way dry the cups with specially designed brushes that absorb water from them, accompanied by a stream of hot air. These brushes adapt to different sizes of glasses, such as wine, water, long drink glasses or sparkling wines. For proper drying, the cups should be clean and with traces of grease at the time of using this equipment.

The only consumption that uses are the interchangeable brushes, avoiding all type of chemical products or alcohol to polish.


Technical Data
Performance 240 / 500 cups / time
Nº of brushes 5/7
Voltage 220 V
Power 1,1 Kw
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