Nanotechnological coating for boats

   The nanotechnological coating for boats is a compound based on chemical nanotechnology with which it is possible for liquids to slip on surfaces. The use of this product decreases the adhesion of mollusks, sea urchins, algae and other organisms on the boat/yachts, strengthens the surfaces against scratches and allows the subsequent cleaning to be easier and faster.

   The advantages offered by nanotechnology protection are many and varied: Less adhesion of organisms, a protection on surfaces and materials, disinfection and prevention of dirt and mold.

   Nanotechnology also serves for the integral cleaning of windows in boats. This technology prevents the adherence of salt and lime that age the glass and hinder its cleaning. With our technology, we offered better visibility and revive the brightness of the glass.

   Applying this coating keeps the environment cleaner and more protected, minimising the time and expense of maintenance thanks to the fact that cleaning is easier and is not necessary so often. It reduces the spending on everyday chemical products and that are eroding the surface of the boats/yachts. Nanotechnology makes objects last longer and therefore reduce expenses.

   The nanotechnological coating for boats and yachts is suitable for both the deck and the underwater spaces, whether fresh or salt wáter. In the case of boats at sea, the nanotechnological coating reduces deterioration due to the salinity of the water and the oxidation that this causes. Therefore, this way less machinery machinery, products and special knowledge are needed for its maintenance and repair.

VILO Mediterráneo offers this nanotechnological coating ideal for boats and yachts because it is non-slip and increases safety on board, it also greatly facilitates the subsequent cleaning and protection the effects of saline water, organisms and dirt.


29 June, 2018
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