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  The lack of periodic cleaning in the extractor fan, ducts and smoke exhaust motors, cause fires in the kitchen of a restaurant and the number of fires increases with temperatures in summer.

These fires are produced in the stoves and in the smoke extraction systems. From VILO Mediterráneo, a company specializing in technical and professional cleanings, preventive maintenance and periodic cleaning can be carried out to prevent fires that cause the destruction of everything local.

Grease is a highly flammable fuel that filters through corners of the kitchen and can cause a simple spark ignite a flame that spreads much faster.

The smoke extraction motors, through the ducts and the cooker hood, absorb many of the fat particles that condense in the environment and end up deposited throughout the kitchen of the restaurant. When the cleaning of these systems or of a chimney is neglected, the accumulation of deposits of soot, fats, resins and tar, which are easily inflamed, is favored.

Over time, these engines reduce performance due to the accumulation of sediment between its mechanisms that slow it down and overheat it, increase consumption and pollution.

The regulation of technical installations in buildings requires the cleaning of the smoke and chimney extraction system once a season to avoid fires and poisonings.

10 October, 2018
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