Technical boat cleaning professionals

Vilo Mediterráneo is the only company in the Balearic certified by the Spanish Technical Institute of Cleaning (ITEL) for the technical cleaning of boats.

We have the necessary official training to be able to work in the most professional way within the nautical sector. We are specialized in both recreational craft and merchant ships, both freight and passengers.

We are boat maintenance professionals and we know the materials, the surfaces and the characteristics and the quality of the cleaning. Our way of working saves time, water and reduces the use of chemical substances while maintaining the impeccable image of the ship’s interior.

We have the necessary machinery to offer the services:

  • ·Cleaning and sanitizing of air conditioning systems.
  • ·Extractor fan and duct cleaning.
  • ·Laundry ducts cleaning.
  • ·Discharge of bilge water.

We apply nanotechnology to the cleaning sector for protection in an invisible way. We cover facades, glass, chrome or stainless steel to protect them from water, dirt, grease and fingerprints.

We are pioneers in the Balearics to use ionized water, a way to reduce the use of chemical products, surpassing their results.

Ionized water is a powerful cleaning agent, without detergent, which provides a disinfecting power on all types of surfaces, even in critical areas such as hospitals or in the food industry.


25 May, 2018
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